“This is an excellent book. The concepts are clear and well defined. The advice here will help many gain a healthy relationship with exercise. This is a great guide to self-acceptance and finding inner peace. The author describes her own odyssey with weight and body-image obsession with astonishing honesty.”

C. DiLacqua

“This is a fabulous book for anyone who has difficulty motivating themselves to exercise. I highly recommend it for people of all sizes and fitness levels. The journaling exercises are extremely helpful in breaking through resistance. The author encourages the reader to do what feels right for them.”

V. Ratner M.D.

“Tami has taught me to value myself and be my own best friend.”

D. Powers

“I have learned to treat my body with compassion and respect.”

V. V.

“Tami’s unique way of combining counseling with exercise helps me be more focused and in touch with my feelings. As a result, I’ve made a lot of progress in how I take care of myself.”

D. Donovan

“For fifteen years I have tried to make exercise a habit. Tami’s knowledge and straight forward approach inspired me to change the way I do things. Now I exercise regularly and I feel good about myself.”

B. D.

"Tami is encouraging, supportive, motivational, and insightful. I have made many behavioral changes that have improved the quality of my life 100 percent."

K. Cimino