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Resistance can be very beneficial for us in many ways.  For example, not always will the reasons we don’t exercise be as obvious. Such as, being too tired or not having enough time. Sometimes there are other reasons we’re not conscious of because they are protecting us from feeling vulnerable or threatened. In other words, even though we all know the importance and benefits of exercise, it doesn’t mean that our minds will always think of exercise as being positive and beneficial.

Some may have physical limitations– due to medical conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, osteoporosis, chemotherapy, or limitations due to an injury or surgery and they feel limited or restricted in what they can do so rather than do something,  they do nothing. Here resistance serves the purpose of protecting them from feeling worse than they already do. In their mind, if they can’t do what they think they should do, they don’t see the purpose of exercising.  Under these circumstances, resistance occurs because exercise becomes something that reinforces their limitations instead of making them feel stronger.

So, in order to break down the resistance, they need to do exercises that make them feel stronger they need to focus on the progress they’re making instead of the exercises that reinforce what they can’t do. This may involve challenging themselves to do things differently than they have before. But until exercise becomes something associated with progress, you can see why resistance occurs.

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