Improve your health and wellness while dealing with depression or fibromyalgia

Posted by on Jan 20, 2014 in Blog, Exercise, Motivation, Weight Loss

We start the New Year off feeling optimistic and hopeful. We often promise ourselves to take better care of our health and wellness, especially if we suffer from depression or chronic illness, such as fibromyalgia. These are all good goals and good thoughts. But, within a few weeks, most people have given up their pursuit to fulfill those new goals and their New Year’s resolutions have fizzled out.

In the book, Emotional Weight, author Colleen Sundermeyer points out that wanting to do a task and having to do it hold two different psychological implications. Words, such as, have to, should and must imply we have no freedom of choice. Feeling as though we have to… causes us to use some sort of self-punishment to motivate ourselves to change. People who want to change are much more successful than people who feel they have to change. Wanting to means we are looking forward to change, and we will use positive behavior to motivate ourselves. When we want to change the motivation comes from within, making it easier to change.”

However, sometimes our expectations exceed what our current circumstances allow, so make modifications accordingly and you will be able to maintain the motivation. The more flexible your expectations are the easier it is to stick to your goals. The more rigid and structured your expectations are, the more difficult it will be to motivate yourself to stick to your goals or the more difficulty you will have maintaining the motivation once you start.

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