Healthy Holiday Eating Tip: Plan Ahead

Posted by on Nov 10, 2015 in Weight Loss

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This holiday season is prime time for emotional eating/overeating to occur. To prepare for this…come up with a plan of action – name a few foods to choose from for when you feel the need to eat emotionally. In other words, come up with a list of foods that you are willing to eat for when you feel stressed out or for when an emotional button gets pushed. And, then also come up with a list of other ways to take care of yourself, such as, taking a bath, watching a holiday movie, going for a walk, or talking with a friend so you have pre-planned choices to choose from when an emotional situation occurs. Having a specific plan of action prepares you for when you need to take care of your emotional well-being.  

Knowing ahead of time how you will cope if an emotional button gets pushed…allows you to be in control of the choices because you have prepared yourself in advance the actions you will take instead of reacting and going on automatic pilot and then getting upset with yourself which often turns into a downward spiral.

The more prepared you are ahead of time the more in control you will feel. Pre-planning allows you to be more mindful of the choices you make rather than make unconscious choices that make you feel out of control.

Knowing in advance, how you can take care of your emotional well-being, gives you an opportunity to make other choices besides food. Food can still be a choice for coping but at least food won’t be your only choice – you’ll have other options to choose from as well.

This concept of planning ahead also applies to other food related activities, such as, office and holiday parties. For example, try not to arrive at a party hungry. Eat a light but satisfying snack before getting there. Try not to skip meals in order to save up for the abundance of foods that await you because you will most likely become ravenous and eat more than you intended.

Once you arrive at the party….scan the table and look at the choices of foods you can select and then make up your mind ahead of time what foods you would really enjoy having. Decide then what you want and select those foods. A word of caution: select foods on the basis of what appeals to you not on the basis of  fat grams and calories. In other words, select foods on the basis of what you would really enjoy instead of what you think is healthier.

And, for diabetics, think in terms of moderation – mix and match so you don’t feel deprived of the foods you would really enjoy. For example, try to balance your high sugar foods choices with low sugar food choices. And, be mindful of the beverages you select to drink.

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