Motivational Exercise Book

Toward A Magnificent SelfToward A Magnificent Self: The Exercise Book for Every Body, by Tami J. Anastasia, M.A.

  • Do you find it difficult to motivate yourself to exercise?
  • Are you frustrated with your exercise habits?
  • Do you feel guilty when you don’t exercise?
  • Do you want to make exercise a habit? If so, this book is for You!
Most people believe there’s something wrong with them because they can’t stick to an exercise program. But this simply isn’t true! Culturally, we’ve been conditioned to think of exercise in ways that are counterproductive and sabotage our efforts. Our frustrations with exercise stem from how we’ve been conditioned to think. As a result, we’ve developed what author, Tami J. Anastasia calls exercise “roadblocks.”
Toward A Magnificent Self identifies with the readers frustrations and eloquently takes the reader step by step through the process of unlocking their motivating force. It takes direct aim at the fitness, weight loss, and advertising industries that have contributed to the development of exercise roadblocks, examines the connection between diet and exercise, and discusses the common misconceptions. Included are poignant accounts of the author’s own struggle for self-acceptance in an environment where “thin” is often synonymous with beauty and health. In addition, self–assessment questionnaires and practical tips are provided to help the reader overcome their resistance to exercise.
Anastasia’s “no blame, no shame” philosophy restores the confidence of millions of discouraged and frustrated “yo-yo” exercisers. Her liberating perspective, innovative approach, and thoughtful techniques teach you to:
  • break through your exercise barriers
  • set achievable and attainable goals
  • build your self – confidence
  • establish consistent exercise habits
  • make exercise a priority
  • improve your body image

This groundbreaking book is for people of all ages, sizes, shapes, and fitness levels.

Softcover, 212 pages
ISBN: 1-931232-66-0
Price: US$14.99
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