About TAMS – Toward A Magnificent Self

TAMS Tami J. Anastasia, M.A.
“Everyone has the ability to make lifestyle changes; regardless of age, size, shape, or fitness level. The key is tapping into a person’s unique individual needs, limitations, and preferences. When we let go of trying to conform to cultural ideals and standards that work against us, we develop lifestyle habits we can live with,” says author of Toward A Magnificent Self: The Exercise Book for Every Body, Tami Anastasia.
Anastasia has been involved in the health and fitness industry since 1967, when her father opened the first of their five health clubs in Northern California. With nearly a lifetime in the fitness industry, Anastasia has experienced first-hand the cultural pressures and demands to be thin and striving for the perfect body because she was trying to meet cultural standards and ideals that were unrealistic. She has also been a victim of the lies and deceptions that we’re subjected to on a daily basis from the diet and fitness industry. But, she’s also become the person she is today as a result of overcoming the damage those lies and deceptions can cause. Through her own struggles, she realized the connection between the mind and body.
Earning a master’s degree in counseling, Tami merged the two disciplines of counseling and personal training to form her own business called TAMS (Toward A Magnificent Self) Wellness Studio, located in Los Gatos, California. She specializes in working with people who have difficulty motivating themselves to make lifestyle changes or have difficulty maintaining those lifestyle habits. She works with people who are sedentary, overweight, out of shape, may have medical conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, osteoporosis, or going through treatment for cancer, or have physical limitations due to an injury or surgery. Tami also specializes in working with people who have chronic pain, such as fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, arthritis and people who suffer from depression and anxiety.
It is with years of personal and professional experience that Anastasia wrote Toward A Magnificent Self: The Exercise Book for Every Body, an inspirational book that restores your confidence and faith in yourself, your body and exercise.
Anastasia is a frequent speaker at professional and business organizations, high tech companies, health and wellness conferences, local schools and health libraries. She is also the host of the TAMS Health and Wellness Internet Radio Talk Show on the VoiceAmerica Health and Wellness Channel. Tami has been a guest on local television and radio shows. She is the author of numerous health and fitness articles. She is also a support group facilitator for two local Alzheimer’s Caregiver Support Groups.
A popular speaker, Tami Anastasia is available for interviews, guest appearances, book signings, and private one-on-one phone consultations.

To schedule an interview, phone consultation, or an event with Tami Anastasia please contact Tami Anastasia at 1 (408) 377-4716 or send an email to tamswellness@gmail.com